Nationwide Repository of Postgraduate Thesis Papers – what is it and why it should be used?

At the same time, American higher education has its own database of master’s theses, which includes all such studies defended after 2009.

It is a project within the framework of the Unifolio System, which is to eliminate scientific fraud in the field of copyright. The use of the database will be free of charge for all universities, so that they can check their students’ work without restrictions. The texts will not be downloaded from the database directly, but through the code, processed and verified. What should improve the verification and make it more resistant to manipulation in the content.

The creation of the Repository is the answer of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to disturbing reports on master’s theses defended at universities in recent years. There are many indications that a minimum of 30% of these studies have the characteristics of plagiarism, and this percentage can be significantly higher. Previous analyzes have been done selectively, manually, which, due to the huge amount of documents, could not give a full picture.

Now all the master’s theses have come under the magnifying glass of the Minister, who can make the most important decisions regarding plagiarism in an unlimited way. It is not without reason that so much money has been spent to create the base and the entire plagiarism system, so that it does not realize the intended goals through them.

Checking master’s theses defended in the current year may result in the detection of plagiarisms in previous texts. This will be the basis for withdrawing the thesis and bringing criminal charges. Writing jobs will not be so easy, easy and enjoyable.

Copy or paste methods do not pass the exam. You will need a professional approach to writing a master’s or bachelor’s thesis. In the coming years, decisions are also to be made whether to verify the master’s theses back.

The violation of copyright does not expire, so there are strong grounds to detect plagiarism. The only question is whether backward verification will bring more problems, complications than benefits. Currently, it seems that it will be a very good way to prevent students from different regions of US from doing the same work. It often happened that students from one province sold their works to those from another one. In the absence of a homogenous national base, it was possible to defend the same work even at several universities.

The anti-plagiarism program also had limited algorithms that are not resistant to text paraphrases. Likewise, writing a bachelor’s or engineering thesis was easy and pleasant, and could last even a few days. Now you will need to collect materials, develop sources, insert real footnotes and write, think, create.

By commissioning help in writing a job, it will be necessary to entrust it with real specialists.