How to write a thesis plan?

What is the thesis plan plan?

It is an element as important as the subject itself. Sometimes, even the topic of work may be omitted or fixed while writing, but the plan must be established at the very beginning. It is only after its acceptance that the master’s thesis should be started. Determining the right table of contents makes it easy to collect materials and write a job.

Often, the plan is also called the table of contents. It contains the names of chapters and sub-chapters for a given topic of work. It is best to determine these issues from the general to the specific, which allows you to gradually get into the essence of the scientific problem.

In bachelor’s thesis there are usually three chapters. Similarly in engineering, but there they may have research or analytical character. There are also bachelor’s theses, where research chapters are placed. However, these are the most popular in master’s theses.

Master’s thesis plan usually consists of 4 to 8 chapters, depending on the field of study and specialization. Doctoral dissertations can have from 4 to 10 chapters, but their plan also consists of many other additional elements.

In each work plan, therefore, there should be written chapters, sub-chapters, introduction, ending, list of literature, list of tables and illustrations, list of abbreviations, index of names, places and other proper names, depending on the subject.

When writing a master’s thesis should pay attention to the selection of such issues that will allow to exhaust the subject of the study. The plan can be modified as you type, but the basic skeleton should be described at the beginning. Without this you can do a lot of futile work, and also lose time to analyze useless literature.

It is pointless to start writing it without getting the approval of the work plan. The person checking the work may have a different vision than we think. There are times when students themselves write a work plan, start writing it, and after some time it turns out that the plan does not meet the university’s requirements or promoter’s expectations.

Therefore, it is worth approaching this issue calmly, patiently, getting acquainted with the requirements of your own university.